None shall kill animals such goats, even for the purpose of performing yajñas or for
worshipping a deity; for ahimsa is held as the highest form of dharma.

– 12. Siksha Patri, Swaminarayan

Hinduism is a dynamic religious tradition, there is scriptural authentication for performing animal sacrifices which would often horrify and offend modern Hindus. The fact is that it is extremely praiseworthy that the morality of compassion and non-violence is put ahead of scripture is one of the great traits of this tradition. If we constantly question our actions, hopefully progressing in our moral perspectives we can act for the greater benefit. The Swaminarayan movement is known for its social welfare work in the modern era, the dedication to ahimsa shown from the words from Swaminarayan himself in the Siksha Patri are testament to this end, he was actively campaigning for numerous causes including widow remarriage.

May I choose the path that causes the least harm, for Ahimsa is the Highest Dharma.

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