Agnimile purohitam
yagyasya devamrtvijam
hotaram ratnadhatamam
Agni I worship, the priest, the one who sacrifices, the gods, the invoker, who bestows divine wealth
– Rig Veda 1.1.1
As many of you will know, the Rig Veda is one of the oldest texts known to mankind. It is fitting that we should begin these daily offerings with the first verse from that Holy Hindu Scripture. If somebody gave you a material gift as ancient as 5000 years old you would give it immense value, more so, I wish for us to give importance to the profound revelations passed down through the flame age after age.
As we light a candle in our homes, may the timeless light of the sages enrich our lives for the benefit of all living beings.


Photo taken at the bank of the River Yamuna, Close to the Birthplace of Lord Krishna

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