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Dharmic resolution for 2013

Now one who perceives that all living beings are actually within the Atman and that the Atman is present in all living beings will he never despises anyone Yas tu sarvani bhutany atmany evanupashyati sarva-bhuteshu chatmanam tato na vijugupsate – Isa Upanishad Namaste, I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year break and

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Feed People!

Sewa day, as always, was excellent motivation to go out and do some good. The Go Dharmic team joined up with Luton Hindu Mandir to feed the homeless at the Noah Shelter. They were treated to a delicious vegetarian prasad, with all of the dairy products used being organic. It was wonderful, if only for a few hours, to see life from the perspective of people who are less fortunate then most of us, and all involved felt deeply that it was something we should do more often.

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How should I act?

Indian philosophy thought is often heavily scrutinized in the modern world for being outdated with regards to social issues. Discriminatory on the basis of gender, caste, economic position and so on but does this the only world view? The Mahabharata and many other texts display another view which has a very different focus, one that is dedicated to the spiritual nature of every living being. In this world view sectarian walls come down in the face of common identity, class, race, and gender are all to be regarded as temporary. This then becomes the base motive for change; there are many

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