I bow with reverence with to the sacred land of Ayodhya. It is the birthplace of our beloved Lord Shri Rama.  I bow to those fortunate souls lucky enough to reside there. I greet Kausalaya, the Queen of Dasaratha, whose glory should be known throughout the world. I revere the great King of Dasaratha as an embodiment of virtue.  May you shower your blessings upon me as a devotee of your beloved Son. I adore Ayodhya and their great King for he and the people are filled with compassion, devoted to serving the poor, and constantly in remembrance of Shri Rama’s lotus feet.

Jai Shri Rama!

ayodhya ram mandir

Hanuman Dass's blogs directly here. He is founder of Godharmic.com as is the co-author of The Power of Dharma and The Eternal Path

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