The all knowing mendicant Lord Shiva understood why Kama had come, he knew that the time had come to unite with his eternal consort Bhavani.  The wedding was arranged by the sages with the mountain lord Himacala and Mena, the parents of Parvati at the most auspicious time.

As the passionless bride groom approached with his entourage of strange and wonderful devotees, his body smeared with ashes, his dreadlocks, matted hair and frightful adornments made the locals tremble.  Children who saw these strange beings became pale with fear as their parents consoled them saying, do not be afraid, it is the great Lord Shiva.  As Mena prepared for daughters marriage she became overcome with fear for her daughter, In distress she said,

‘How can the most beautiful fruit, which deserves an eternal wish yielding tree, be partnered with a thorny bush.  This crazy man, who roams the forests in the night, without any wealth, without any attachment, with any desire, he is indifferent to everyone, how can my beautiful daughter be with him?’  She wailed to her friends and servants as Bhavani overheard her.

Bhavani said, ‘That which has been ordained by destiny should not be grieved for, I know in my heart that I am destined to have Shiva for my husband, that is why all of my penances were easy, cease your lamentations, the pleasures and sorrows ahead for me will be faced with joy.’

Then the great Rishi Narada, also spoke words of reassurance.  ‘She was born to do this, all of you should know that Uma is none other than Bhavani, the eternal consort of Lord Shiva.  She is the mother of the Universe.  Lord Shiva and her are eternally inseparable, and both of them are aware of this in their hearts. Understand this unification will be good for the world.  First as Daksha, then as Sati, now as Parvati, she has come to be united with her eternal soul mate.’

Hearing the words of Narada, Mena and Himavan bowed to Narada and Parvati in humility, and the the wedding began.

Hindus believe that we have lived lives before our current ones, and will live lives in the future too.  As part of this belief, we believe we have connections with people we meet which seem to have a much stronger relationship than the short time we have spent together, and we are born with a purpose to our lives.  Parvati knew deep down that her connection to Lord Shiva ran much deeper than others would understand. We have all met people who we feel that we have known before, or even visited places where we have felt like we were ‘coming home’.  Ram Dass when he first met Maharaji spoke of this feeling of coming home.  Parvati’s mother, Hena had her own ideas for her daughter, but Parvati in her soul knew her path was different.  Follow your own calling and subtle feelings of right action rather than purely follow what the world wants for us, listen carefully to the good intentions of others but ultimately make your own decision. We are surrounded by opinions, facts, advice, but to find our true purpose we need to look within,  for the answer to the purpose of our lives  is hidden in the cave of our hearts. 

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