Brahma, overwhelmed by the words of Lord Shiva, stood steeped in love and prayed:

Glory, glory to you the Lord of all beings. Glory to Shri Rama, the Lord of the heavens. Glory to the heart of the faithful. Glory to the heart of the poor and needy. Glory to the compassionate one. Glory to the benefactor of cows and saintly people. Glory to the guardian of the Gods and the planets. Glory to the giver of love, the granter of liberation.

Please be compassionate to us and grace us with your divine presence. You who resides in my heart, you who resides in the heart of every living being. You are bliss, you are the eternal truth, you are consciousness. Beyond the veil of this illusionary world you reside, unknowable to the mind or the senses, it is only through my heart that I can know you.

Day and night, beings all over the world praise you in different ways, freeing their souls from their egos, they take refuge in you alone.

This world, which is pervaded by the three attributes of sattva (goodness), rajas (passion), tamas (ignorance) only exists because of you. Our devotion, worship and knowledge cannot begin to describe you. Even the Vedas do not really know you; even the buddhas and the greatest saints on Earth do not really know you; even the Gods of the heavens themselves have limited knowledge of you.

O Lord, see the suffering of the world at the hands of these demonic beings…please save us. You are the embodiment of bliss and every good virtue, may all beings find eternal happiness in your loving embrace.

Brahmas prayer calls for the grace of God at a time of difficulty. Ravana’s demons have been tormenting the world and now only Shri Rama’s divine presence can alleviate their suffering. His expression of love is one of great bhakti (devotional yoga). 

It is in this mood of love that we can connect with the divine. Maharaji taught us that love is stronger than electricity. Whether through love for our partners, parents, the poor or love for God, we connect with the divine spirit. The path of bhakti is about expanding that love to engulf the entire cosmos. Just imagine, what a wonderful place the world would be! 

An entire world-embracing love and respect for each other. To share this love amongst all whom we come across. This is the goal of the Go Dharmic Welfare Foundation. The entire world is one family as expressed by the sanskrit saying Vasudhaiva Kutumbhakam. Neem Karoli Baba emphasised feeding people and caring for the poor as a yoga in and of itself. Here is the merging of the path of love and service for the needy. 


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