Dharmic Diet

Hanuman's Prasad

One summer a rich businessman was living in the ashram with his wife and two teenaged children for a month. Seeing how the feeding was done every day, he expressed his interest in feeding sweets to the people visiting the ashram and sought Babaji's permission to do so. He said he would get the required ingredients from the market and the sweets would be prepared in the ashram kitchen. Babaji gave his consent, but he advised me not to get involved.

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Omsco Farmer of the year

I was very fortunate to meet last week with Elfyn Davies. Elfyn is this years Omsco farmer of the year. He runs a beautiful organic farm in Wales. For me, more important then the great products Elfyn produces, are his ideas for the future of farming. Elfyn is an Organic farmer who constantly writes letters to organic organisations pushing the boundaries of animal welfare. He truly cares for the cows as part of his family. In any business meeting the standard requirements is an obligation, but to be constantly pushing for stricter guidelines that can often reduce financial profit, for

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