83. A Mothers Love For Her Child

The following post is one from the Ramacharitmanas series by Hanuman Dass.  Every week, we move forward in our journey through the Ramayana of Love, as spoken by the great Saint Tulasidas.  The Ramacharitmanas has been described by the Acharya Vinoba Bhave as being similar to a cross between the Bible and Shakespeare. The Ramacharitmanas is

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80. Rama’s Voice

To Brahmas beautiful prayer, Rama responded by saying: ‘Do not be fearful.  For all of the good and saintly people of the world, for all of the Yogis, for all of the Gods and for righteousnesses, I shall come.  I shall be born as a human on Earth. In the glorious solar dynasty, I shall

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Ramacharitmanas 61. Purifying Yourself

Holy men would never drink wine, even if the water was taken from the  river Ganges.  The same wine however, if poured into the Ganges becomes purified. Many religious scriptures of the world prescribe ‘mantras’ and people chant them to for worldly success, marital partners, fame, and all number of objectives, but are we missing the point?

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