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Immediate release: Thursday, 28 June 2012

Leicester Shree Sanatan Mandir hosted the Go Dharmic Mela with the Hindu Forum of Britain, which saw over 1000 people attend and learn about the importance of supporting organic dairy farming for the Hindu community.

Children who attended the event wrote touching messages to the representatives of the Hindu community regarding their feelings about cows and the importance of animal welfare.

Hundreds of people took the pledge to use organic milk instead of conventional, and this represents a clear signal that Hindus in Britain care about the importance of the cow and the stance against the increase in intensive farming.

Baroness Sandip Verma, speaking to campaign manager Hemal Randerwala said, “I think there is a very big ethical question that has been posed today, and I must say, Hemal, since you posed that question to me I think I have looked at how milk is produced and sold in a completely different light, and I think actually that illustration has really made me rethink about what else is there that I am buying that has a big ethical dilemma for me”.

This week, Bollywood actor Amir Khan also dedicated a whole episode of Satyamev Jayati to the crucial importance of organic farming saying, “I personally feel we have no option but to move gradually towards organic farming. And until such time that we are fully organic, we need a government regulatory authority which does monthly checks on the food coming into ALL the various wholesale markets all across the country in all the different cities, and monitors the amount of pesticide in our food.”

Hemal said, “The same way we have seen the UK unite and say no to buying eggs from battery-caged hens, the Dharmic community can go a long way to protecting natural organic farming conditions. If we all take the pledge together, we can make a difference. Otherwise, if we do nothing, the future looks bleak.”




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Mela Date: Sunday, 17 June 2012

Venue: Shree Sanatan Mandir Leicester, 84 Weymouth St, Leicester, LE4 6FQ


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About Go Dharmic


Go Dharmic is a social media action team which aims to unify individuals, families, companies and other organisations with the common cause of innate responsibility, righteousness and Dharma.

The Go Organic campaign

The first Go Organic campaign was launched in July 2011 to promote awareness about Dharma and the dairy industry, and promote organic milk as a Dharmic step towards slaughter-free milk. We believe the difference in cost is a small price to pay for this better life.

Our vision is that one day slaughter-free milk will become a reality across the country and the world. Compassion, non-violence, love and care are the values we would like to see brought into this industry, and we are very lucky to be working closely with a number of excellent organisations to make this change happen.


“We need to stop and think, can we change our views and can we do something good for our society? Particularly as a Hindu, we talk about living the Dharmic life, but do we understand what Dharmic life is all about? Can we learn a little more about it and then practice it as well, because it is a lot easier if we understand the basics, then follow it?”.
Jitu Mistry, Shree Prajapati Association UK


This is a very brilliant campaign that is part and parcel of our religion. We have forgotten what we used to practise with all the genetically modified food that is now being used. It is beneficial to use organic natural food that is more in harmony with the environment and nature.

Arjan Vekaria, President of the Hindu Forum of Britain



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