As a spider moves along the thread, as small sparks come forth from the fire, even so from this self come forth all breaths, all worlds, all divinities, all beings. It’s secret meaning is the truth of the truth. The life force (prana) is the truth and truth is the self.

– Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 2.2.20

This verse is very much in line with my own personal worldview, Satasya Satyam, it is not true that our perception of the world is false but that there are deeper levels of truth. At the quantum level the reality is very different to the ones our eyes perceive, however neither can be said to be false. Similarly the world we see is true but there is a deeper truth which comes with self-realisation. This allows the Hindu to be non-dogmatic about the truth of other religious practitioners, as Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita, ‘Any way in which people worship, they really worship me.’

We should respect and try to derive meaning and value of all the darshans (view) of God. We should understand that through meditation, worship, chanting, selfless service, yoga. We can realise that we are sparks of the divine, my work is to realise that at all times, and not be caught up in separation.

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