Over the last few months we have been actively promoting the Go Organic, Go Dharmic campaign. This for me is more of a learning curve than anything else, interacting with thousands of people.

The response has been very encouraging and very supportive. At these magnificent festivals it is amazing to see the hard work of the volunteers who work selflessly to make the events successful and comfortable for the many visitors who arrive to enjoy the festivities.   Cooking countless numbers of free meals for Prasadam, managing the car parks, and directing devotees.

This inspirational selfless service needs to be carried through into our buying habits.  The sub continent of India has the largest number of vegetarians in the world largely based on the principles of Dharma, Karma, Non-violence and compassion.  Based on these principles we can decide what is Dharmic in the modern context.

When we visit the supermarkets we are voting for what we would like to support. If we buy meat we are assisting to fund the meat industry, if we buy the cheapest possible milk we are supporting practises which allow milk to be provided at costs cheaper than a bottle of water.

I hope through this campaign people will become more aware of how their purchasing habits directly contribute to the world.  We can make conscious decisions such as going organic, buying fair trade, buying locally, going vegetarian or vegan. The right thing to do is often never the easy thing to do as explained in the Upanishads:

The preferable and the pleasurable approach man.
The intelligent one examines both and separates them.
Yea, the intelligent one prefers the preferable to the pleasurable,
(whereas) the ignorant one selects the pleasurable – Katha Upanishad – 1.2.2

If you want to drink milk and work with us towards slaughter free milk take the pledge to go organic.


Hanuman Dass's blogs directly here. He is founder of Godharmic.com as is the co-author of The Power of Dharma and The Eternal Path

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