For me the scholar Professor Narasimhachary embodies the Sanatana Dharma.  This photo is from his talk for the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies in Leicester.  The talk was called Religion in South India. He sadly passed away recently.




Unfortunately you cannot buy the DVD of the talk unless you visit one of the Friends of the OCHS talks in Leicester (Which I highly recommend), I have however asked them to make this talk and others available online.


I will be sharing some more links in the near future about the works that Professor Narasimhachary left us and the work of the OCHS in general, Why share this? Because think it is absolutely invaluable to us all.


I found this great book written by him called Gods and Goddesses of South India.  It is a little expensive but the knowledge he carries is immense. You could not possibly buy you a better Christmas gift!

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