Bhakti (love/devotion) texts should be studied and actions which raise bhakti within oneself should be performed.

– Naradas Bhakti Sutras 76

Without consistently lifting weight no muscle can be developed. Without any earnest commitment to loving devotion it can roused within. Practises such as worshiping, meditation on virtues such as kindness, loving devotion, compassion, seeing the Lord within every living being and serving them can increase this desired state of being. Shymdas a great devotional practitioner from America described it very nicely, ‘Imagine how a potter allows the pot to spin, and then sets the shape of the pot.’ In this way our practise allows the pot to be spinning into the world. We cultivate this loving state and then it carries on throughout the day.

Our practise is important so that we can be in the most loving, devotional, calm state throughout the day. We dedicate so much importance to so many mundane activities but through dedication may we water the flowers of Bhakti within our hearts daily.

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