One may know the four Vedas and the Dharma-sastras, yet if he has no realisation of his own spiritual self, he can be said to be like the ladle (spoon) which stirs all kinds of foods but knows not the taste of any.

– Chanakya Niti Shastra 15.12

The Vedas touch us of our divine nature, the Upanishads urge us to realise our highest existence. If we merely read philosophy, merely memorise verses without penetrating and practising the wisdom then what use is it? One can learn the art of swimming but if there is no intention to enter the swimming pool the knowledge is wasted. Chanakya here encourages us to not only know the Veda but realise our true identity.

May I practise what I preach, May I become an embodiment of a little Vedic knowledge rather than merely memorising much of it.

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