This is the worlds oldest and perhaps the greatest hymn on creation.  It is found in the oldest of religious texts, the Rig Veda 10.129. I find it mystical but also deeply profound in its inquiry of existence.

Back Then – Nasadiya Suktam

Rig Veda 10.129

BACK THEN, there was neither any being nor non-being.

There was neither sky nor heavens beyond.

What did the Universe contain?

Where did come from?

Who is protecting it?

Were there deep waters beyond our understanding?

There was neither death nor immortality.

There was neither day nor night.

The one breathed without breathe, other than that, there was nothing.

Darkness was wrapped in darkness.

Unfathomable was the movement.

Whatever existed was within it.

Through the heat and power of itself the one emerged.

Desire was born and permeated throughout.

The wise searching within their hearts, using their intellects,

Discovered the connection between being and non-being,

They became enlightened.

Was there below? Was there above?

There are forces of energy below, and impulse above.

But really, who truly knows?

Who can say with certainty where creation emerged?

Even the Gods came after it,

Who truly knows how it came to be?

What is the origin of creation?

Whether he is the cause or not?

The one who watches all of us;

Surely the one who sits the highest of heavens knows,

Or maybe he does not?

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