I recently came across a magnificent website dedicated to Shri Neem Karoli Baba.  At the top of the page there is a quote by Maharaji that says, ‘”Everywhere I look I see Ram, and that is why I am always honouring everything.”  This in a single line sums up the philosophy of not only his teachings but of Hinduism.  To see the beloved in all things at all times.

The website is filled with bhava and resources; there are over 1400 photos of Neem Karoli Baba and access to some wonderful rare books about his life and devotees.   One of the books is called Near and Dear and another is By His Grace, you can read both of these books in full here, there were written by long time Maharji devotee Dada Mukerjee.


ShriNeemKaroli Baba was at the same time very simple and very profound. He taught the path of love, compassion and service. He said ‘ through Ram’s name everything can be achieved.’

राम राम

Hanuman Dass

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