Dear Prime Minister Sushil Koirala,


I would firstly like to express my solidarity with all of those who have suffered in the recent earthquake. I would also in great humility like to express my great sadness at the sight of the ritual slaughter of thousands of animals in your country for the Gadimai event. I personally have been campaigning for years for the better treatment of animals across the world, but this event is almost beyond belief.

The first event of suffering, there is very little we can do to prevent an earthquake of this magnitude, we are at the destiny of Mother Earth and the Gods. Not only has our Hindu community but the entire world has been unanimous in its solidarity for your mourning. I pray that everything possible is done to ease the suffering of innocents and we are urging our online community of over 100,000 people to donate whatever they can to assist relief efforts.

In my understanding, the values of Hinduism stand for solidarity with those who suffer.  The great Maharaja Yudhisthira gave up the highest seat in the highest heavens for the welfare of a single dog. This is our Dharma.

The sight of so many thousands of animals suffering in the name of Hinduism is appalling. I plead with you to condemn this slaughter and work to educate the people as to what the true values of Hinduism are.

Yudhisthira says in the Mahabharata (13.147.22), ‘Not harming, truthfulness, remaining free from anger, and charity, are the four practices you must adhere to. This is the Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism).’

In defining what Sanatana Dharma (Hindusim) is, the inspiring Savitri says in the Mahabharata (3.281.34), ‘Never displaying malice towards any living being through actions, thoughts or words, acts of kindness, and giving in charity; this is the Sanatana Dharma adhered to by righteous persons.’

The Grandsire, Bhisma says in the Mahabharata (13.5.23), ‘The wise say that dharma is whatever is based on love for all beings. This is the characteristic mark that distinguishes dharma from adharma’.

I pray that the Countries of the world come together to help the innocent people who are suffering due to the earthquake, I pray that you, in the spirit of Sanatana Dharma lead the campaign to end this horrendous act of needless slaughter and propose caring for these animals and other beings as the highest act of dharma.  I apologise for this request as I am in no position to ask you to do anything, but millions of people will follow your word. May you, myself, and all people renounce the suffering of other sentient beings and work for the welfare of all.

Bhagavan Shri Krishna himself in the Mahabharata (14.46.17) says, ‘Only when he bestows the gift of fearlessness on all living beings can the sage achieve freedom from karma. He should act for the welfare of all beings, showing kindness to all.’

I hope this letter reaches you, and you feel that we suffer with all of those that suffer, please help us to end this festival and work towards a world with less suffering, for this is Sanatana Dharma.

Your Friend.

Hanuman Dass





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