Project Crayons is a charitable organisation very close to my family’s heart. It is run by my cousin NeishaaGharat and family. We are all dubious about sending money abroad to charities, worried about whether the money reaches the people who actually need it. Here is I project I do not have to worry about.

My wife Sheena and I visited the Children’s home for abandoned girls on the Outskirts of Mumbai and meeting the young girls really moved us.

The Charity has grown rapidly in recent years and has some really wonderful projects. One which I particularly like is the ‘School on Wheels’. They recognised that many poor people are simply unwilling to send their children to far away schools; instead Project crayon’s now brings the school to them. It is heartening to know that there are still people in the world with innovative mind-sets who want to help people, this is Dharma in action.


If you would like more information on Project crayons check out their website or alternatively email Director NeishaaGharat on

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