Here is the Description of the latest Go Dharmic publication, Questioning Zakir Naik by Dr.Nicholas Sutton

The book will initially be available on Amazon Kindle before the 15th of April 2015.

For years Dr.Zakir Naik has made a name for himself as an accomplished scholar of Islamic and Hindu texts a like. This paper written by Dr.Nicholas Sutton, Director of Continuing Education at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, thoroughly examines the methods and motivations of Dr.Zakir Naik by studying one of his lectures.

In his characteristically humble manner, Nicholas writes, “The aim of this short piece is certainly not to show any form of disrespect towards Dr Zakir Naik”, as he goes deep into Approach of the teacher.

He explains point by point how Dr.Zakir Naik makes bold claims that Hindu texts to become Muslims. He uses Hindu texts not to explain their actual meaning, but as a means to try and convert Hindu’s to Islam.

You will find this work to be a complete, honest, and comprehensive analysis of Zakir Naik’s lecture and hopefully this will assist anybody who has come across his work in understanding his real motives. As Dr Sutton finally concludes, “Our hope is that this short piece has gone some way towards exposing this dishonesty so that if individuals do decide to take up the religion of Islam their decision will not be based on another person’s deceit.”


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