“Like an ocean that is reached by many different rivers, that reverential one too is always accessible and reachable by clean-minded ones, and he treats all equally, and ever a feast to eye..

– Valmiki Ramayana [1-1-16]

Shri Rama is defined as the ocean of compassion. In these early verses of Valmiki’s Ramayana, the Sage Narada explains the qualities of Shri Rama. He is described as an embodiment of truth, compassion and the refuge for all those in need of welfare. There is no discrimination. He sees all equally, no mention of favouring any caste or class group. As the ocean is the final place for all rivers, He is the final place for all beings.

May I have the vision to see all beings equally, helping the poor and serving all regardless of their religious background, sex, or ethnicity.

Hanuman Dass's blogs directly here. He is founder of Godharmic.com as is the co-author of The Power of Dharma and The Eternal Path

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