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The second prayer of the Ramcaritmanas is dedicated to the Guru. The world is like salt water, it is through the grace of Neem Karoli Baba that we drink with ease.

2. Bowing to the Guru

I bow to the dust upon the feet of my Guru. This dust is love itself, it is the source of life, and gives freedom to living beings from material existence. This dust is bejewelled by the most fortunate of people, similar to the white ash adorned on the devotees of Lord Shiva.  It is this dust which polishes the mirror of our hearts and attracts every virtue.  The nails on the lotus feet of the Guru are to me like jewels whose splendour invoke vision of the divine. How fortunate is the one who has had this vision, for every other desire falls away. Through the power of this grace, the minds eyes are opened and all suffering falls away, the darkness of the material world is no more, for the precious jewels in form of Rama’s stories shine brightly.


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