In life we can be pushed into a corner by fear of those who may belittle our dreams, this would be a tradgic waste of our precious time here.  If you have something you love doing, you should do it.  It you have something valuable to contribute to the world, you should share it.  Rama is Brahman, the highest reality, and and this Tulasidas’s goal, society mocked him for this, but he stood firm with eyes on God alone.  Remember, the very first character attribute Shri Krishna describes in the Bhagavad Gita list of values is fearlessness.

10. I do not have any great wealth, possessions, or any great intellectual ability, but what I do have is the highest aspiration, the goal of the presence of Rama, the greatest bliss.  I truly hope that good people will find pleasure from my work, the wicked, I am certain will find reason to mock me.




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