There are many kinds of different sadanha (spiritual practise); each has the goal of purifying the practitioner towards self-realisation and liberation from suffering.  Just like Yoga asanas, mantra meditation, single pointed mindful living, listening or reading the story of Rama is a spiritual practise. As we near the beginning of the story in the Balakanda, I pray that the sacred story of Rama brings the greatest happiness to all and polishes the dust covering our hearts.

13. The sacred story of Rama showers great blessings upon its listeners, washing away the impurity of the Kali Yuga.  My composition is like a rough and dangerous river like the sacred Ganga, please forgive me for this, but as my composition is blessed by the Glory of Shri Rama, it is sure to captivate the virtuous souls of this world. Just as the devotees of Lord Shiva rush to apply to holy ash to their foreheads, the satsang of the virtuous will surely flock towards this tale.

Jai Shri Rama!


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