38. Lord Shiva loves and glorifies the name. The sage Narada acknowledged the glory of the name. Shaunaka and Sukadeva enjoyed heavenly bliss through the chanting of the name. Prahlada became the King of all through the grace ofd the name.  Dhruva was saved from distress by the recitation of the name. The list of beings who have been enlightened by this name is endless. The Son of the Wind, Hanumanji himself through medtitation upon the name even brought Rama subject to him.

What can I say about this glorious name of God? even Rama cannot adequately explain it in words.  In this Kali age, the name of Rama is the greatest benefactor and the highest refuge.   It will turn us from being plants like weeds into the sacred Tulasi.

Hanuman Dass

Friday 29th May 2015

Ramacharitmanas 38. Love For The Name



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