43. I shall now proceed to explain the virtues of Rama.  Rama is the repository of all virtues, his grace extends towards all beings. He is the richest of all kings, and yet has taken in me, the poorest of servants. He is the root of compassion and love, and he embodied all of the highest virtues. Rich or poor, black or white, villager or city folk, a good artist or a bad poet, Rama knows the language of love. He is sincere, compassionate, forgiving, reasonable, kind, every word is full of sweetness, his devotees feel his love, as they feel the warmth of the suns rays. He is pleased when he sees unconditional love, for he is unconditional love, I know this for I feel this love pervade all things and I am the dullest person of all.

Jai Shri Rama

Hanuman Dass

Thursday, 4th June 2015

Ramacharitmanas 43. The Virtues of Rama


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