The supreme Brahman pervades everything.  With no beginning and no end, Brahman is free from all desires.  The eternal reality cannot even be conceived by the Vedas themselves.

How is it possible for the omnipresent Brahman assume human form?

Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are considered beyond comprehension, but they descend to earth For the benefit of all living beings.  When Sati, the wife of Lord Shiva was confused by the rapture of love within the heart of her Lord , She was filled with doubt.  Lord Shiva said to her, my dear Sati, please go and find out for yourself.  You must find the answers for yourself. Sati went to the forests where Rama was dwelling.  She spotted him with Lakshmana who  was extremely puzzled by the sight of Sati who was disguised.  Shri Rama, the all knowing, gently smiling, welcomed her with his palms in prayer.  He asked about her well-being And asked about Lord Shiva.

Sati realised that she was in the presence of God.  In her heart she now felt the warmth of that supreme light.

Hindu philosophy teaches us to find out for ourselves and not blindly follow any scripture but encourages self realisation. When Sati experienced doubt as to the nature of God, Lord Shiva did not say to her, ‘Follow my every word’ or accuse her of blasphemy,  on the contrary, his response was, ‘my dear wife the doubt you are experiencing is natural , It is the force of maya at work.  Please go in search of the truth for yourself For each one of us must walk our own path.

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