I think if you have knowledge of something good, and you think others can benefit, you should share it.

The great saint Ramanuja was somewhat of a revolutionary in this regard, when he received initiation from his Guru, he received a sacred divine mantra, but a condition was laid upon him. Ramanuja was told that he should never reveal the mantra, or knowledge of it to anybody.  He was aggressively told that by this mantra you will reach the highest heavens, but if you reveal it to others darkness will be your destiny.  The elated Ramanuja accepted the mantra and bowed before the guru before setting off for his home, the town of Srirangam.  As he walked home, he thought to himself, ‘It is my only wish for all beings to reach the highest state of bliss and happiness, I wish for all beings to reach the highest heavens.’ He headed to the centre of the town and climbed to the top of the temple, and started teaching it anybody who would listed the sacred mantra, ‘OM Namo Narayanah Namah! OM Namo Narayanah Namah!’ he shouted from the temple.  Crowds of eager students gathered to learn this sacred mantra.

The Guru when he heard of Ramanuja’s antics became angry and set off to find out why Ramanuja had breached his promise.  Ramanuja when questioned, responded by saying, ‘my dear teacher, I am willing to suffer in hell for eternity if I can help all of these people reach the highest heaven, I do this for the love of all beings.’  When the Guru saw the compassion of Ramanuja his eyes filled with tears, and he embraced him repeating the sacred mantra..

Om Namo Narayanah Namah!

With Love –

Hanuman Dass

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