There has to be some way of distinguishing Dharma. Some say the highest knowledge is gained through reason (tarka) but many others say knowledge of Dharma is gained from the Shruti (scriptures). I do not disagree with this, but the Shruti does not refer to each individual case. Dharma was created for the welfare of living beings and hence whatever sustains living beings is Dharma.

– Shri Krishna, Mahabharata

There is always going to be debate about what how best to understand Dharma. Here Shri Krishna makes an extremely important point. The scriptures do not mention every single case that we will come across. We can use the essence of what the scriptures are saying and apply them to individual cases. This essence is that which is best for all living beings, non-violence, compassion, we can use all of our decision making faculties to decide the best course of action. Intellectual reasoning, the essence of scriptures, and our personal morality should all be used to full effect.

May we use all of the gifts available in life to make the best decisions, may they be free of greed, anger, and jealousy.

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