It is about being practical and using our common sense.

Arjuna had taken a vow to kill anybody who insults his famous weapon the Gandhiva bow. His elder brother the King Yudhisthira in frustrations says that it is useless. As Arjuna always true to his word prepares to kill the king, luckily just in time Shri Krishna steps in to save the day.

Krishna said to Arjuna, “Stop! Stop! No one who understands the distinctions of Dharma would ever act in such a way. You do not know about the decisions made by learned men who teach disciples about matters of right conduct. It is never easy to determine what course of action should be followed and what should be avoided, but it may be possible if one follows the guidance of scripture. You think that you know what Dharma is, but by acting in this way as if it were Dharma you are showing your ignorance of Dharma for the killing of a living being is forbidden by those who truly adhere to Dharma. In my opinion, never killing any living being is the highest Dharma; one may speak a falsehood but one should never kill another being. So how is it that you are prepared to kill the king, your elder brother, who is himself one who comprehends Dharma? The vow you took was an act of folly and now as another act of folly you are preparing to embrace adharma. Why are you going to do this without thinking properly about Dharma? The true end of Dharma is certainly a subtle matter, which is hard to understand.

This section is from The Power of Dharma

These holy words tell us that Ahimsa and never killing are the highest Dharma.
We should not make unintelligent promises and vows.
This whole topic of Dharma and right action is indeed a very sublte matter.

Wishing you well,

राम राम

Hemal Randerwala

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