I find these verses very important, we find in them unification of the extremes of monotheism and monism at once.  It is the unification of the Upanishads and the Puranas.  It is In the same spirit, the great Chaitanya Mahaprabhu described the Lord as “achintya beda abheda” which means inconceivably one and different. The Upanishads, using the term Brahman, describe the supreme divine reality which is formless and beyond all conception, many will say this conflicts with worshiping God.  Here we are taught that Rama is Brahman, Brahman is Rama.  Tulasidas here quotes directly from the Upanishads in describing Shri Rama, as Neem Karoli Baba so often used to say, ‘Sub Ek, Sub Ek.’ It’s all one, it’s all one.

  1. Even though we accept the Lord is beyond our understanding and unfathomable, we endlessly describe it, this is justified by the Vedas themselves continuously expound the remembrance of Brahman. The Lord is without any desire, without any form, without any name, eternal, he is truth, consciousness and bliss. The Lord is the supreme Brahman, which pervades all things and is perfect fullness. It is this lord who has assumed forms for the protection of the good, for he is grace and love personified.  Those who love him draw him ever closer, for they will never be abandoned.

Shri Rama is the protector of the poor and needy, the remover of all suffering, our Lord Shri Rama is worthy of the highest praise, therefore we sing the glory of Shri Hari bringing auspiciousness unto the entire world.  It is through Shri Rama’s grace that we have been sing these songs to you my Lord, I bow my head at your feet, the high saints and sages of the past have glorified you so beautifully in the past, it is so easy for me to love you.

Jai Shri Rama!

Hanuman Dass

18th April 2015

sub ek 2

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