102. Miracles of Love

Rama said, Parashurama, why don’t you think before you speak?  I may have broken the bow, but this is a small thing in comparison to how angry you are getting.  Anyhow, the bow was tired and old, it was probably going to break by itself anyway.  There is nothing here for me to be proud

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99. Confrontation

Shri Rama speaking directly to Parashurama said, “What do you want to happen? Surely it was a humble servant of yours who has broken Shiva’s bow.” Parashurama became further enraged, his eyes previously red were now turning purple, as he said,  “A true devotee serves unconditional love! Not one who goes against the teacher’s ways.

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Several princes were still present, watching the victory celebrations. Out of a burning desire and lust for Sita they looked on in jealousy.   One after another they got up from their thrones slowly–their minds still furious–each plotting various evil schemes.  One called out: “Let’s kidnap the princess and take the two princes hostage.  Who cares

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