The Veda says that it envelops everything in a manner that is wonderful. It is the splendour, the truth, the knowledge, the eternal and supreme joy, sat chit ananda. It is immeasurable, without any support, unchanging, formless, devoid of attributes, perceived only by the yogins, all-pervasive, and the sole cause of the universe.

– Shiva Purana 1.6.11-12

In the Shiva Purana there is a description of the supreme Brahman who is equated with Lord Shiva. His nature is truth, consciousness, and unending bliss. Enveloping the entire universe, Shiva is one with all. This is a similar description of the ultimate reality to that found in the revelations of the Upanishads. Here we can see that the sacred thread from the ancient Vedas runs through to the Puranas and gives very expansive understanding understanding of the deity.

The sacred thread running through these ancient philosophies has so much to give us and the world, through Lord Shiva’s grace may we become custodians, and realise Lord Shiva within ourselves.

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