śravaṇa (“listening” to the scriptural narratives), (2) kīrtana (“praising,” this can be individual or group singing), (3) smaraṇa (“remembering” or fixing the mind on God), (4) pāda-sevana (rendering service), (5) arcana (worship), (6) vandana (paying homage), (7) dāsya (servitude), (8) sākhya (friendship), and (9) ātma-nivedana(complete surrender of the self).

– Bhagavata Purana 7.5.23-24

Prahlad the young child devotee of Krishna, describes in detail the nine types of religious practise advised to cultivate Bhakti in one’s life. Prahlad is depicted as the perfect devotee always holding Vishnu very closely and these nine forms have had a monumental effect on the religious landscape of India. Listening to the Lilas of Krishna, praising him through devotional singing, on pointed attention, worship such as murti puja, giving due respect, serving, seeing the Lord as a friend, and surrendering to one’s true self.

I pray that my activities bring me closer to God and I live in devotional Rasa. Jai Shri Krishna.

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