The Power of Dharma: The Universal Moral Principle

The Power of Dharma is a gracious gift to the world. This book represents the true spirit of India but in addition it also shows the relevance of the ancient wisdom to modern times. The Power of Dharma is a bridge between past and present, between the East and the West and between the ancient and the modern.”
Satish Kumar – Editor-in-Chief, Resurgence & Ecologist
No 91 on Watkins’ worlds most spiritually influential living people.By being intimately concerned with the welfare of others we are on the path to true happiness. Dharma the law of virtue and caring for all is the greatest gift we can give our children.
In The Power of Dharma, Dr.Nicholas Sutton and Hemal Randerwala reveal through ancient Hindu scriptures a way of viewing the world which opens our hearts and minds. They illustrate how Compassion, non-violence and truth are the flags for this philosophy and how our lives should not be dictated by dogma but thoughtfully examined at every level. They show us the significance and importance of ancient knowledge for the global village.


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