I believe Neem Karoli Baba taught us the real meaning of religion or spirituality.  His teachings on the life of Christ simply blow me away. Religion is often used by the power hungry among us to achieve higher social status or to control people, but Maharajji represents raw spirit, the essence.  Once you see religion in this way, as an essence seeker, it is difficult to turn back.

How can you continue to fight over the nature of the skin of the fruit and forget to extract the juice?

Below are two powerful excerpts relating to the life of Christ from some of Maharajji’s longtime devotees who came from the West to be with him, the excerpts have been drawn from the wonderful book Love Everyone: The Transcendent Wisdom Of Neem Karoli Baba Told Through The Westerners Whose Lives He Transformed by Parvati Markus. 

Anasuya (from her Journal) May 14, 1971:

Isha (Jesus), Hanuman, Ram, Krishna are all one. Sweeper came and touched his feet.  Maharajji said everyone is God, see God in everyone. Maharaji said we should love everyone as God and love each other.

Asked me to sit in front of him and said, there is one Guru.  I must take pity on all creatures.  Repeated to everyone that God is one – Isha and Ram are one.  Love is God.   See no differences, love all the same.  Christ felt no pain when they stuck nails into him.  Asked us all, especially Mitchell, if we understood.

All is one, must love all as God. Closed his eyes, hand on heart.  When he opened them he said, the mind travels thousands of miles in the blink of an eye.  Said all religions are the same, we shouldn’t think there is any difference between Ram and Christ and Hanuman. all lead to God.  Jesus made a great contribution to the world.

Mitchel asked what was the best method of meditation.  Maharajji said to do as Jesus did and see God in everyone, then said that Jesus on the cross felt only love.  Take pity on all and love all as God.

If you love God enough, there will be no separation. Maharajji said there is no separation.  Said not to have evil thoughts of others, not to see evil, hear evil.  Can’t realize God if you see differences.  We must learn to find the love within.

Raghu (From his Journal) May 30, 1971:

Ram Dass: How did Christ Meditate? After this question was asked, Maharajji began to cry, and two tear drops came from his eyes.  It seems when Maharajji was crying that he turn right into Christ and his powerful love for mankind and then was so moved to tears.  A very powerful experience for those of us in his presence. Christ appearing in form.

He then said: Christ was lost in love.  He was one with all beings.  He had great love for all in the world.  He was crucified so that his spirit could spread throughout the world.  He was one with God.  He sacrificed his body for religion.  He never died.  He never died.   He is atman (the essential changing self or soul).  He lives in the hearts of all.

In a deeply suspicious atmosphere between religions, Maharajji teaches us to see past the artificial boundaries created by those with sour motivations for a higher path, the path of love.




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