Yudhisthira said, ‘It is exceedingly difficult for one that is of a righteous disposition to perpetrate an act that is unrighteous. I do not desire any prosperity for which I shall have to caste away one that is devoted to me.’

– Mahprasthanika Parva, Mahabharata

Yudhisthira is often called the Dharma Raja (King of Dharma) of the Mahabharata. Although he is not perfect by any means, his commitment to doing the right thing is unquestionable. He is driven to act not for fame, enjoyment, pride, prosperity, or any other impulse other then Dharma. It is this essence which is missing in the much of the modern world view where often the motivation for wealth accumulation is the driving force. Looking simply at the fact that millions of people go hungry each day, and those with the energy, intellect and resources do not act to alleviate their suffering but rather direct their energy towards other activities is a great negative aspect of the current state of Humanity.

Of course we need to serve ourselves, but we should also serve our families and friends, our society, humanity, all living beings, the environment and through them all we serve the divine.

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