Tamasa tanu kachu sadhana nahim
Priti na pada saroja mana mahim
aba mohi bha bharos hanumata
binu harikrpa milahim nahim samta.

I am born a demon with no purity, unable to perform any ritual or spiritual exercise. Neither am I able to dedicate my mind to Lord Rama. But, O Hanuman now I am convinced of Rama’s kindness towards me for blessing me with your presence.

– Sundarkanda, Sri Ramacaritmanas

This is interesting from two levels, firstly we should recognise that the speaker Vibhishan is a demon, and Hanuman a monkey, an animal which is often considered dirty. However, regardless of their bodily form, they are devoted to Lord Rama and to righteousness making them the purest of beings. On the second level, Vibhishan is grateful for the association of Hanuman, who works only for Lord Rama.

May I see that my true nature is pure and be thankful for all of the wonderful teachers I have had in my life leading me on my path.

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