I normally try to keep blogs positive, but this is an area I feel strongly about. Animals suffer tremendously at our hands, I think we should have a greater responsibility towards their lights as living beings. Many people kept quiet during the slave trade, the way we treat animals is something I feel we should not keep quiet on.

Now, for a minute lets forget the intolerable suffering we put animals through and for a second take a look at what we are actually eating. Even if you eat meat or not, you should know where your food comes from, how it is produced, even which animal it is!

Heres a video circulating around the web at the moment. Not pleasant viewing but necessary. Please share

What are Chicken Nuggets made of:

Read more about the Pink Goop here:

Pink Goop that is in chicken nuggets

Wishing you well,

राम राम
Hanuman Dass

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