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I am honoured that you have taken the time to visit . I’m Hanuman Dass and this is where I share my personal thoughts and write my blog on Life and spirituality. First and foremost I am a blessed to bea husband, father, and son. I am also very blessed to have met my teacher Ram Dass who perfectly summed up the purpose of life (and this blog) when he said,

“I would like my life to be a statement of love and compassion–and where it isn’t, and that’s where my work lies…”

We are all on a collective human journey and I feel that Hindu Philosophy and the traditions of India have important contributions towards making the world a better place, to this end aims at connecting those who are interested in revealing this great knowledge. To see the One within every living being is what I believe is required to truly bring love to the world. You can view all of the categories for the Blogs on the right hand side of the page, but to give you an idea here are just a few of the topics I am deeply interested in.

Dharma – Compassion for all living beings, we regularly campaign for issues we believe in, an example of this is Project Crayons

Bhakti – Divine Love, this is the way of the heart. Bhakti is the cure for all anxieties in the world. It is beautiful way a way of living from the heart space.

Seva – Service to all, one of the key principles of all Indian religion is Selfless service, if we are to see God existing within every living being we should work to relieve the suffering of others. This also applies for the environment, social justice, and our own personal lives.

Yoga – The practises which we do to awaken. Patanjali describes Yoga as Chita VrittiNirodaha. When the fluctuating mind is at rest we realise our true self. This is the state of Yoga.

If you have any questions you can email me on, you can also connect with me on Facebook where we have a very large community or on Twitter.

Wishing you all the very best,
Hanuman Dass

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