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This work contains the sacred name of Shri Rama, the nectar of the Vedas and the Puranas. This name removes all suffering, it is a great blessing and is even chanted by Lord Shiva himself. No matter how great a book, or poetic composition is, there is no beauty unless adorned by Shri Rama’s name. However, even if a worthless poet, with no ability whatsoever adorns his work with the glorious name of Shri Rama, the greatest people will come running forwards.
This is my aspiration, regardless of beauty, or my narrating ability, the jewel of the name is there to make it shine brightly. Even as the dark smoke of burning sandalwood trees give of an attractive scent, the noble ones will be attracted by my work. Although my writing is clumsy, the story I write of is greatly commendable. It is the story of Shri Rama, which is non other than the glory of the soul.

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