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98. Miracles of Love

Rama said,

Parashurama, why don’t you think before you speak?  I may have broken the bow, but this is a small thing in comparison to how angry you are getting.  Anyhow, the bow was tired and old, it was probably going to break by itself anyway.  There is nothing here for me to be proud of, it broke with the slightest touch.

The truth is, I have love for you Parashurama and will not disrespect you.  You are a world famous warrior and I should bow before you.

Whether a god or demon, king or army of soldiers, whether equal or greater in strength than me…even death himself, I would still accept the challenge of combat.  I am a warrior, and as such, being fearful would be unbefitting, it would bring shame upon my family name.  No warrior descending from the Raghu dynasty ever harbours fear, even if faced in battle with the god of death.

But I see you at heart, a true brahmin, a being filled with spiritual qualities, even a warrior who fears nobody should bow before you.

Parashurama finally felt the earnestness of Shri Rama’s words which went straight to his heart.  He needed something else though to confirm what he now considered to be true.  He asked Rama to take the bow of Vishnu from his hands and draw it in front of him, for only God himself could draw this bow.  Only seeing this unbelievable feat for himself will convince him of what he now started to believe to be true about Shri Rama. Shri Rama took the sacred bow and drew it with ease.

Parashurama instantly recognised Shri Rama’s spiritual nature. He was thrilled, his heart immediately opened up to the greatest of spiritual truths.  He was absorbed in absolute unconditional love.  He put his hands together in prayer and said,

Glory to Rama!  He delights all living beings like the sun delights the lotus flower.  Glory to Rama!  He is like a fire in the forest of demonic values.  Glory to Rama!  He is the refuge of God, brahmins, and cows.  Glory to him who removes all ignorance, anger, pride and dellusion.

Glory to Rama!  He is an ocean of humility.  He is compassion, goodness, kindness, and forbearance personified.  He is eloquent.  A delighter of all beings and posesses the beauty of a million cupids!

How can I with only one tongue speak of your glory?  Glory to the great swan who beautifully swims in the manasarovara lake which appears in Lord Shiva’s mind.  Out of my blindness I have said many foolish things.  Please forgive me Rama and Lakshmana, you are both oceans of forgiveness.

Glory, Glory, Glory to the Lord of the Raghus!

Bowing to Shri Rama with hands in prayer, Parashurama walked out of the great hall, leaving for the forest.  The evil kings and cowards dispersed in fear, no longer laughing as they ran in all directions.

The gods showered down flowers from the heavens which fell at the feet of Shri Rama, and all of the people of the city rejoiced.  The fear they temporarily felt in the form of Parashurama in ignorance was now gone and Love and bliss remained.

The first meeting of Rama and Parashurama has now concluded.  

Like most people, Parashurama needed some convincing to really believe Shri Rama’s nature.  He asked him to bend Vishnu’s bow, which of course would be impossible for any ordinary prince to do.  He needed a miracle.  And as Jesus said, “Unless you see signs and wonders you will not believe.”

Most of the people who came to visit Neem Karoli baba came with a great deal of skepticism, they needed signs and wonders to really open their hearts.  However, once their heart had opened the true miracle was the love.  There is a wonderful book called, ‘The Miracles of Love’ filled with the Maharaji past times written by Ram Dass. 

Parashurama experienced the same thing here.  It was Rama’s love, not the miracle which opened his heart.  This is why I believe that even in this age of science, spirituality still holds great importance.  Love is the greatest miracle. 

Parashurama realised Shri Rama’s true nature just by listening to his words and in turn his heart was split wide open.  So many people speak of such experiences when coming into contact with the saints and sages of the world.  Being in the presence of a true spiritual being opens us without us having to do anything.  

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