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99. Behind the Fear Lies Joy and Happiness

The sound of music was everywhere as instruments of all kinds were being played by gods and humans alike in celebration of Shri Rama’s glory.  People’s ignorance was removed and only happiness remained.  They saw beauty and grace in everything as they sang songs of devotion which opened their hearts like the cuckoo birds singing at dawn.

Janaka raised his hands and roared like a lion and danced with bliss.  The joy he felt that day was beyond description; he was like a homeless beggar who had just found a precious diamond on the streets.  His daughter Sita was also similarly filled with happiness.  Here sadness and fear were now completely removed.  She was like the famous chakora bird which comes to life at the sight of the moon!  She was smiling from ear to ear, her heart completely euphoric.

Janaka touched the feet of the guru, Vishvamitra and said:

My Lord, I know that it is due to your blessings and grace as their guru that Rama has broken this bow so effortlessly.  The two brothers have come here and acheived the impossible.  I pray that you tell me what I should now do.

Vishvamitra said:

You are a wise king Janaka, you decreed that who ever breaks the bow should have Sita’s hand in marriage.  According to me, the wedding should now take place.  However, you should still go and perform your family customs and the ceremonies prescribed by the Vedas, you should go and take the blessings of the preists, elders and your guru Shatananda.

You should quickly send word to Rama’s father King Dasaratha. Please dispatch your messengers to Ayodhya and invite him for the auspicious day.

Janaka agreed with grace and sent the invitation to King Dasaratha.  He then invited all of the prominent citizens living in his kingdom to share in this joyful occasion.  He announced that every house, every street, every market, every temple be decorated beautifully.  He instructed that great pavilions and temples be built to house the guests who would be coming from all over the world.  He called for the best architects and artisans from around the kingdom to work in accordance with the scriptures and create the intricate patterns and designs best for bringing auspiciousness to the occasion.

Invoking the creator, they began their work in preparation for the wedding of Sita and Shri Rama.  They made Pillars of gold as tall as palm trees with emeralds and precious stones hanging off them like leaves.  Huge diamonds were perched up high upon them like coconuts.  The creator of the Universe himself would have been lost in the beauty of the great temples and pavilions that were being built.

The gardens were decorated immaculately and filled with jewels and precious stones shaped like fruits and berries. Such was the skill that you could not differentiate between real fruits and jewels!  The plants hanging on the walls were intertwined with rubies, which during the evening spectacularly gleamed light in all of the colors of the rainbow.

There were bees humming and birds singing throughout these wonderful gardens.  They carefully carved divine murtis (sacred images) of gods and all of the various divine incarnations holding their various ornaments and paraphernalia.

There were intricate mandalas on the floor painted to perfection, all engrained with pearls.  The plants in the gardens adorned with sapphires and blossoms were designed of gold created an incomparable vision of beauty.  Garlands of flowers made of silver were woven and hung throughout the palace.  They made vases and decorative ornaments as if designed by cupid himself.  Flags were raised, paintings and banners put up and lamps lit on every corner of the city.

No poet has the skill to describe this place, the mandap that Janaka designed for his daughter to sit under was indeed beyond description.  There was a special seat erected which would be used for carrying the bridegroom Shri Rama into the wedding hall.  The beauty of the seat reflected Rama who is an ocean of beauty.  The magnificent constructions in Janaka’s kingdom could not be found anywhere else in the world, every home in the city became a heaven on earth.

Anyone who saw Janaka’s kingdom during this auspicious time might think that the heavenly realms appear insignificant.  The beauty in every home, even of the poorest of citizens was enough to satisfy even the king of heaven.

India today although developing is still recovering from over a thousand years of foreign rule and subjugation.  It is widely known that India was one of the richest regions in the world.  We get a glimpse into the tremendous wealth of King Janaka and his kingdom.  It is eye opening to know that thousands of years ago such wealth was present in India. 

The purpose of this book, however, is not to dwell on history but to draw the readers into the manas lake.  Put another way – the purpose of this book is bring heaven to your home.  When divinity is realized even the poorest homes are greater than paradise.  When Rama was known in Mithila ever citizen knew heaven.  First, the people everywhere were fearful of Parashurama and from thoughts of negative outcomes, they were not centered at all.  

What I have found from my own life experiences is that by being centered on spirit allows me to live in happiness and joy regardless of worldly outcomes.  The spirit is living joy, living bliss.  The world is constant change and duality if you are too deeply attached to the ups and downs of the world, your life similarly will reflect these ups and downs.  When Rama is in the heart, nothing can effect you.  

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