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100. A Message for Dasaratha

Janaka’s messengers finally arrived at Ayodhya and were completely mesmerized by the beauty of the sacred city of Rama’s birth (janamabhumi).  They sent a letter with the guards standing at the gates to the palace.  As soon as Rama’s father, King Dasaratha got word, he smiled and immediately ordered for the guests to be welcomed into the royal court.

He reverently accepted the letter and was filled with happiness as he carefully read the contents.  His eyes began to tear up and his heart was beating like it was dancing with joy. The deep emotive message made Dasaratha the happiest man in the world.  Rama and Lakshamana lived within his heart.  For nearly five minutes he was absolutely speechless.  The ministers present were sat and waiting in anticipation of knowing what the letter said.  Dasaratha steadily composed himself and began to read the letter aloud to all who were present.

Rama’s other two brothers Bharata and Shatraguna who overheard their father reading the letter started to jump up and down with joy.

Where did the letter come from father? Bharata exclaimed.

Are our brothers well father? Where are they?  We have not heard from them for so long

The two brothers hearts were opened and filled with love.  King Dasaratha re-read the letter for them.  Every cell of their bodies was ecstatic.  They knew nothing but bliss.  Seeing the two brothers dance for joy, everyone in the court laughed, danced and celebrated with them.

The King then motioned for the messengers to come and sit close by to him.  Speaking ever so kindly, he put his arm around them and said:

My friends, please tell me, how are my two boys? Have you seen them with your own eyes?  One is dark and the other fair, both hold a bow and are young.  They are travelling with the great sage Vishvamitra. Have you seen them? I have not seen my sons for many years.  This is the first I have heard about them since they left with they left with Vishvamitra.  How did Janaka even become aware that they were my sons?

Seeing the King’s kindness and excitement, one of the messengers smiled and said.

O great King! There is surely nobody who is as blessed as you are, your sons are like the crestjewels of the cosmos! Don’t be concerned at all for it is your sons who provide light to every dark place in this Universe.  Nothing compares to Rama and Lakshmana, before them, the moon looks dark and even the sun seems cold.

How did we recognise them!? You do not require a lamp when looking at the sun! Thousands of princes were present for the princess Sita’s swayamvar, each more powerful than the next, but none of them were capable of breaking Lord Shiva’s bow.  Those mighty princes who boasted of their strengtth.  They came from all over the world were incapable of even moving the bow.

The powerful demon Banu famed for lifting Mount meru, the famed King of Lanka, Ravana, both of them seemed like ants on an elephant.  But your son Rama snapped the bow, as if it was a stick.  It was like an elephant standing on the stem of a lotus flower!

Then Parashurama came to the royal court, furious after hearing that Shiva’s bow had been broken.  It seemed as if the entire world would come to an end from his anger, but then even he was pacified by Rama’s grace and strength.  He gave Rama his bow and retreated to the forests.

Just like Rama, Lakshmana was a mine of strength and glory.  The other princes were trembling every time he spoke! They were like deer at the sight of a lion.

Now that we have seen your sons my lord, we see nothing else apart from Rama and Lakshmana!

The King and ministers were overjoyed by the praise the messengers gave to Rama and Lakshmana.  Such affection and praise for the sons of Dasaratha and souls of the Universe.  The ministers tried to give gifts to the messengers who politely refused them. Everyone marveled at these messengers whose lives had seemingly been transformed by the vision of Rama and Lakshmana.

After having the spiritual vision you see only Rama.  When the divine is in our lives, there is no need of small lamps, the Sun enlightens us.  Rama is love, and a heart filled with love can transform the world. The messengers have Rama in their heart, and everyone who comes into contact with these embodiments of love finds joy.  They want or need nothing, but desire only to talk of love, to share love, to live love.  

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