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I bow to you all. I bow to my Guru and the great saints and Gurus who came before us, Vyasa, Valmiki and others, who with hearts filled with devotion, have recounted the playful narratives of Shri Hari. I bow to all of the poets out there, who sing the virtues of my sweet Lord, regardless of which language you speak, nationality or culture you come from, I bow to you all regardless of your appearance.
Please grant me your blessings as I proceed forth to tell the sacred story of the Raghus. I fear that without the blessings of the satsang my efforts will be fruitless, I believe that my heart is pure and compositions which are worth blessings are those which are made for the benefit of all beings.
By the grace of Shri Rama and your blessings, my poor and childish endeavor will appear charming to many, just as a silk shawl appears charming even if it covers rough clothing.

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