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Devotion to Shri Rama is like the rainy season for me, his faithful satsang of devotees is like the growing rice, the two glorious sounds (ra and ma) of the mahamantra are like the sacred months Shravan and Bhadra.
Indian villages have to endure many dry months before the rains come to supply the land and people with much needed sustenance.  In the days before the agricultural advancements, these rains literally meant the difference between survival or starvation.  The Shravan month (End of July to August) dedicated to Lord Shiva, and the month of Bhadra (End of August to September) celebrating Lord Ganesh, are considered very holy.  They are life giving rains for the people, they are dharma, for dharma is that which is good for all people.  Tulasi Das very poetically explains that the name of Rama is just like these life giving seasons providing sustenance to all.

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