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28. Ra and Ma

Like two divine eyes are the sounds Ra and Ma. They as dear to Tulasidas as Rama and Laxmana.  On their own they lose their beauty, but together they give meaning to life.  They are one, just like the atman and Brahman.  They are one just like the sagacious brothers Nara and Narayana.  They are one just like God and his devotee.  They are beautiful, like the Sun and the Moon when viewed from Earth. They are the like beautiful ear rings adorning a Goddess who is non other than Bhakti.  This nectar for all beings, is like Krishna and Balarama for Yashoda.
These two divine sounds, ra and ma make the most powerful mantra, they are non other then the name of the Raghuvara, they form a refuge under which all living beings can find shelter.   These two sounds which make up this mantra represent the two attributes of God (formless and with form). They are difficult to comprehend as they are eternal and without beginning.
Indeed, the Lord is present in the world in the form of his name, more powerful than even the physical form is this name. An object is recalled by it’s name, similarly the lord is manifested with every repetition of Rama. This mysterious name is indeed difficult to comprehend with the mind, and can only be truly known from the heart. Scholars argue over a God with form, or a God without form, I say chant Rama for the name will reveal all.
Install this beautiful name in your heart, allow the Lord to be seated upon your tongue, your entire being both inside and outside will light up the world for all to benefit

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