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Some Yogis follow the path of non-attachment from worldly desires, making themselves one with the absolute reality which is Brahman, they live in equanimity, seeing both pleasure and suffering as the same.  Reciting the name of Rama, they transcend the material world. Some seekers of truth, trying to understand destiny, recite the name in search of a better life in the world, striving for material advancements. Other devotees may chant this holy name out of distress, suffering calamities caused by various circumstances. All of these devotees are virtuous and wise, regardless of ones situation, the name of Rama is the Lord himself, in this age of corruption, this is the best way to liberation.
The Bhagavad Gita 7.16-18 speaks of four kinds of devotees, one that seeks wealth or material benefit, one that seeks knowledge, one that is in distress, and the enlightened being.  We may expect the materially focused devotee to be shunned, but this is not the case. Of course it is the enlightened being who works for the welfare of the world who is most loved, but in both the Bhagavad Gita and here in the Ramacharitmanas, all of the devotees of the Lord are praised, for they carry the crest-jewel of the holy name.
Neem Karoli Baba often said, whether a daciot or a thief comes to the ashram, we should feed them, all beings have the right to food.  This is the same spirit of love for all that the scriptures extol.

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