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The divine is conceived in two ways, the first is impersonal, formless, the second is personal, with form, both of these aspects are indeed beyond our minds conception, they are without beginning or end, eternal is the Lord.  To me, God in the form of his holy name is greatest.  This name of Rama is brings the realisation of both the personal and impersonal aspects of the lord.
Here once more we are taught to go beyond the mental acrobatics and realise God. Leave theological arguments of whether God has form or not to the scholars and achieve God realisation through his name.  All over the world, saintly beings, regardless of which name they choose, have meditated upon the name of the Lord and achieved their goal.  Let this verse be a reminder that better than arguing about whether God is formless or with attributes, we should taste the nectar which manifests through the holy name, a sadhu once explained in his lecture that rather than trying to test Krishna, we should taste the Krishna! Tulasidas here shares the same sentiment.

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