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There is no difference between Brahman and Rama, they are one.  The essence of the all pervading brahman is truth, awareness, and bliss. It is said in the scriptures that Brahman is present in the heart of all beings, pervading all of existence, if this is so, why is there so much suffering? Meditation upon the name brings realisation of Brahman, this is a method to manifest God in our lives.  God is everywhere, but you must have the eyes too see, just like a specialist is required in a mine to reveal precious gems.
What is the nature of God? God or Brahman is Satchitananda. Truth, awareness, and absolute bliss. This compound word is used in the earliest texts of Hinduism to describe the attributes of the Lord. Sat – truth, chit – complete awareness, and finally ananda – absolute bliss.  Our true nature is blissfulness,  happiness, loving awareness.  Therefore, all of the suffering and depression and miserableness people experience in the world is nothing but a wave in an ocean of bliss.  The name brings us to that place we can live as enlightened beings in the world, living as satchitananda.

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