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 It is my opinion that Rama’s name is greater than the attributeless Brahman  and even Ramachandra himself.
It is true that Rama incarnated as a human being to help good people, he endured much suffering for the happiness of pious souls; but anybody who takes to lovingly repeating this name will find endless joy and become an abode of bliss.
This is why the name is so powerful, it has the capacity to transform the World and every living being.
Rama saved a holy mans wife, but his name has saved millions of hungry hearts.
Rama served the saint Vishvamitra, but his name destroys the sins of its servants as the sun removes darkness.
Rama destroyed the bow of Shiva with a single hand, but his name destroys the fear of death.

Rama made the forest of Dandaka very beautiful, but his name makes the soul of countless beings shine brightly.
Yes, Rama destroyed Ravana and the demon army, but his name has the power to destroy every evil in this age of Kali.
Rama liberated many righteous servants such as Jayatu and Shabari, but the name enlightens even evil doers, this name is the essence of the Vedas.
Everybody knows that Rama protected Vibhishana and Sugriva, but his name is an abode of protection for the poor, it is the light of hope for the world.
Rama gathered an army to build a bridge to cross the ocean to Lanka, but the name when uttered in pure devotion, dries even the ocean of birth and death!
Knowing this, repeat the name of Rama at all times!
Rama killed Ravana in battle, saving Sita from his clutches and was King of Ayodhya, but his name will destroy ignorance throughout the world, liberating everyone it touches.  The name is the end of sorrow, it is an incarnation of unconditional love, therefore live at ease, and make a seat for rama’s name in your heart.
The name is greater than the impersonal Brahman or the personal Rama, Lord Shiva knew this when he chose this single mantra from the millions of words in the Ramayana.
I think the Ramacharitmanas is representative of Hinduism both ancient and modern, it has in it the ancient messages of the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita, yet still expresses the loving devotion seen in countless homes of the world today.  What follows is a poem explaining the supremacy of meditating on the mantra, the name of Rama. We should note that main reason for the supremacy of the name is its capacity and potential to reduce the suffering of people.  The ideal dharmic life is not defined simply by the practise of rituals but by the jivanmuktas efforts to reduce suffering. When we invest love and devotion into this meditational practise, we do not associate with the suffering of the world, and instead live from the place of love where the name exists.

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